Updo wedding hairstyles for black women

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50 Wedding Hairstyles for Black and African Women

This is also a very romantic updo because of the way all of the defined curls twist and turn around each other to form one uniform vintage hairdo. Every bride has her own likings, preferences, individual hair texture and length. This might just be a look that you want to keep after the wedding day. Who needs large earrings when you have a hair clip like that? All eyes will be on you with this look. Do you have the courage it takes to make a statement? The hairstyle looks compact, but the twists appear chunky and generous. While this crown is quite high, there are plenty of more delicate options out there in a variety of patterns. A wedding is a cause for great joy and celebration. If gold is not your color, then silver would be beautiful as well. Having your wedding outdoors may influence your style choices. You can also use bright buds to give your braided bun a fanciful touch. This pixie cut is simplicity and beauty all in one.

Updo wedding hairstyles for black women

Get the tutorial from Alicia James! Chin Length Burgundy Bob The reason why so many ladies love this hair color is that it is flattering on a lot of different complexions. Get the tutorial from Quiesha Jay! Serve up a bit of attitude with a sassy side bang and braided back. Bring all the focus to the face emphasizing your eyebrows, eyes and lips. The options are pretty limitless. Plus, it will easily transition to night time events, while letting you show off some killer earrings if you want to. Here we have 43 wedding hairstyles for black women that will ensure you look your best. Sassy Side Bun A side bun is definitely one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for black women because it is polished, but also can last throughout a night of partying and fun without coming undone. Your face will look flawless! This look for thick hair was created by twisting strands into tiny sections using a rich leave-in conditioner and pinning the curls up into a high ponytail near the face. Try pin curls instead. If gold is not your color, then silver would be beautiful as well. Highlights in curly hair look wonderful with lace. Gold beaded accents will make it more elegant. Black hair ranges from relaxed through loosely curled to tight coils and glorious afros. In such a way you will get a chic look that can easily go from work to play. The faux hawk of curls will ramp up your confidence tenfold. Black Updo Hairstyle with Twists and Cornrows Piling Senegalese twists on top of your head makes one of the most regal, elegant styles you can try. When paired with a tailored outfit, this is the perfect meeting of cutting edge trend and classic style. A pretty flower sets it off. Try a little of both. Beautiful cornrow designs end in thick twists sliding down one side your head for a bold, modern style. With no hair in your face, a high bun will let your beautiful makeup truly shine. The size of the curl is up to you but we love this medium curl look. The fluffy top-knot updo can be completed in less than five minutes for a speedy-yet-sophisticated hairstyle.

Updo wedding hairstyles for black women

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  1. This pixie cut is simplicity and beauty all in one. To an added touch of glam, accessorize the hairdo with statement earrings.

  2. Ultra feminine feathers and lace are a downright beautiful style that is also very budget friendly and not at all time-consuming to put together.

  3. Faux Mohawk Black Updo Hairstyle While this bold hairdo looks like one of the twisted black updo hairstyles, it is actually a series of knots that are intertwined to create a faux Mohawk.

  4. Headband Tuck Updo for Medium Hair This trendy hairstyle is created by wrapping hair around the base of the headband and pinning it in place.

  5. Braided Bun Updo for Black Hair Twists and cornrows are perfect for a black updo because they provide a two-kind texture for a more interesting hairstyle.

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