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As Harry struggles with his reaction to the dementors — dark creatures with the power to devour a human soul and feed on despair — which are ostensibly protecting the school, he reaches out to Remus Lupin , a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher who is eventually revealed to be a werewolf. She elected to use J. Vernon Dursley , the husband of Petunia Dursley, is a heavily built man whose irascible bluster covers a narrow mind and a fear of anything unusual. On one occasion, he terrified a pair of first-year girls into hysterics. He left Harry and ran to find Peeves. The book itself was finished on 11 January in the Balmoral Hotel , Edinburgh, where she scrawled a message on the back of a bust of Hermes. An epilogue "Nineteen Years Later" set on 1 September [21] describes the lives of the surviving characters and the effects of Voldemort's death on the Wizarding World. With Hagrid's help, Harry prepares for and undertakes his first year of study at Hogwarts. These reveal that in order to preserve his life, Voldemort has split his soul into pieces, creating a series of Horcruxes — evil enchanted items hidden in various locations, one of which was the diary destroyed in the second book. Harry meets most of the main characters and gains his two closest friends:

How old is harry potter now

According to a interview with Rowling, the character of Voldemort was created as a literary foil for Harry, and his backstory was intentionally not fleshed-out at first: Harry, Ron, and Hermione then find Neville asleep outside the common area because he had forgotten the password. She described Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as "a hugely entertaining thriller" and Rowling as "a first-rate writer for children". I began to write Philosopher's Stone that very evening. It'll be worse for you if you do. He always begged Headmaster Albus Dumbledore to let him suspend students by their ankles from the ceiling. Several incidents, beginning with the shooting pain in Harry's scar during the start-of-term feast, lead Harry and his friends to think Snape is a follower of Voldemort. Harry meets a half-giant, Rubeus Hagrid , who is also his first contact with the wizarding world. The key for her was the choice between what is right and what is easy, "because that … is how tyranny is started, with people being apathetic and taking the easy route and suddenly finding themselves in deep trouble. Filch tried to frighten them, by telling that many dangerous creatures lived there, but he did not manage to, as Hagrid was friendly and ensured that all of them were safe. Through the diary, Ginny acts on Voldemort's orders and unconsciously opens the "Chamber of Secrets", unleashing an ancient monster, later revealed to be a basilisk , which begins attacking students at Hogwarts. He even put a chair against the wall to keep guard there. This year, Harry must compete against a witch and a wizard "champion" from overseas visiting schools Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, as well as another Hogwarts student, causing Harry's friends to distance themselves from him. Come with me, Argus. Rowling therefore adopted the nom de plume J. After learning that he himself is a Horcrux, Harry surrenders himself to Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest, who casts a killing curse Avada Kedavra at him. Rowling has also been praised for her nuanced depiction of the ways in which death and violence affects youth, and humanity as a whole. During this time, he became more vicious than ever, and wrote students up for things like "breathing loudly" and "looking happy". Rubeus Hagrid , a half-giant nearly 12 feet 3. Despite Harry's aunt and uncle's desperate prevention of Harry gleaning about his powers, [14] their efforts are in vain. Neville Longbottom is a plump, diffident boy, so forgetful that his grandmother gives him a Remembrall , although he cannot remember why. Filch found them trying to force their way through the door of the out-of-bounds corridor on the third floor. However, when he returned to his office, he learned that Harry had read his letter, about Kwikspell courses. He now hopes for a remake of the Harry Potter movies, but not until he's old enough to play Draco's father. Ron is described by Rowling as the ultimate best friend, "always there when you need him". They were saved by Quirinus Quirrell , who vouched for them while passing by. This, however, made the caretaker excited, as he thought that Dumbledore would kick Peeves out of Hogwarts.

How old is harry potter now

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  1. This success has made Rowling the first and thus far only billionaire author. Instead, Harry must deal with the knowledge that he has been targeted by Sirius Black , his father's best friend, and, according to the Wizarding World, an escaped mass murderer who assisted in the murder of Harry's parents.

  2. Filch helped the students evacuate during the Battle of Hogwarts in and participated in the battle himself. Barry Cunningham, who was building a portfolio of distinctive fantasies by new authors for Bloomsbury Children's Books , recommended accepting the book, [15] and the eight-year-old daughter of Bloomsbury's chief executive said it was "so much better than anything else".

  3. An important prophecy concerning Harry and Lord Voldemort is then revealed, [19] and Harry discovers that he and Voldemort have a painful connection, allowing Harry to view some of Voldemort's actions telepathically. Eventually, Snape is killed by Voldemort out of paranoia.

  4. He grew up in a fairly large pure-blood family as the sixth born of seven children. He later told Harry Potter off for wandering around on his own, which he thought suspicious.

  5. He and his friends face off against Voldemort's followers nicknamed Death Eaters at the Ministry of Magic. It'll be worse for you if you do.

  6. Ron is described by Rowling as the ultimate best friend, "always there when you need him". In the final room, Harry, now alone, finds Quirinus Quirrell, the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, who had been the one working behind the scenes to kill Harry by first jinxing his broom and then letting a troll into the school.

  7. Harry is also informed by a centaur named Firenze in the forest that a plot to steal the Stone is being orchestrated by none other than Voldemort himself, who schemes to use it to be restored back to his body and return to power. His loyalty and bravery in the face of a game of Wizards Chess plays a vital part in finding the Philosopher's Stone.

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