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Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots

Later on, Jeffrey and Candace fight her ex-paramour, Quincy, stabbing him to death, Jeffrey is arrested for this, and is sexually harassed by an officer named Justin. Closeted throughout much of the first season, Jeffery spends most of his time immersed in his job of monitoring Wyatt. David witnesses her and the gunman's bodies covered in sheets at the crime scene of the shooting and mistakes her as Veronica. Hanna doesn't like Quincy because he kept her grandson away from her, and Benny doesn't like Quincy for all the trouble he has caused. After Candace learns that War had shot her son, War was shot by the Malones at their restaurant after Candace had him delivered there. The record-breaking episode brought in 3. It turns out that she and Candace are working together. Candace's mother frequently harasses Candace to bring her this baby. Please contact us at data valnetinc. After suspecting War as bad news and witnessing War sexually assault Candace at the tow yard, he protects her and Benny, by throwing War in jail, putting drugs in his car to make it look as if they were his. Because of her position in high society and connections with people in power, Katheryn is more than able to help friends in need, such as her best friend Hanna.

Cast of have and have nots play

She also becomes more snarky and confrontational with Celine, having finally had enough with Celine's nasty ways. It turns out that Jennifer's body was being disposed of by the Malone family, while being wrapped in plastic wrap with a note that says her name and "Cryer Victim". Production of season 3 began in August [26] following a 25 episode order [27] which will bring the episode count to 61 through He shows interest in Candace and wants to get to know her, but she continues to reject him, until he reveals his life story to her, telling her about his wife's death and how after her death, he would sleep with any woman, to keep from mourning. You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. Armed with this ammunition, the stage is set for what Candace believes is the opportunity of a lifetime. When Candace realizes she has no money in her Bank account, she confronts him about it and he shows his true colors and admits that he took the money and only used her for sex, which breaks her heart. Other main characters[ edit ] These main characters do not appear in the opening sequence like the shows title characters "The Haves": Her reputation in the community has been a major reason for her restraint and unhealthy expressions of pent-up rage. As a result of trying to clean up Jim's messes at every other turn, David has gotten himself into serious plights and predicaments of his own. Very obdurate, she has proven to be set in her anti-gay and diabolic ways. It has been hinted in the series that the reasons for Amanda's battles with self-harm may stem from some traumatic sex abuse incident from her distant past, involving Wyatt and a priest. He tries to convince his mother that Jim doesn't Love or care about her, Jim or his little brother, but she disagrees and claims that he only loves her and not his wife, Katheryn. In the first episode, it's learned that Wyatt is so incorrigible in his vices that he's on his third stint in rehab for drug abuse and alcoholism. He becomes a close friend to Hanna and they both comfort each other dealing with each other their situation. She later reveals to her mother that the baby was dead, killed by Quincy. He and Quita get arrested after getting caught breaking into Candace's house. You hereby warrant that you are 16 years of age or older or are visiting the Website under parental supervision. Later down the line Charles finds out about Candace's background but decides to fall in love with her anyway. Katheryn informs that she's well aware of Celine's shenanigans towards her friend in more ways than one and that she'll be fired if she keeps it up. Jim visits Celine and stuns her with the announcement that he had never loved her, that she was only good for one thing, sex. In the season 4 finale "Promises Kept," after being pushed to her limits; from Jeffery tells her that his mother arranged for Wyatt to be raped to not getting control of his inheritance, Katheryn shoots D. While Jim is harsh and rough in his parenting of Wyatt who seems to have the scruples that his father lacks , he's more gentle and tactful in his parenting of his daughter Amanda, because of how "fragile" he perceives her to be. Season 4; recurring seasons 2—3: He has unconditional love and care for his mother and sister and is willing to put his own life on the line to avenge or defend them.

Cast of have and have nots play

Charles Frederickson Nick Sager: She is also made as no, unsuspecting, and naive. By mid-season 3, Well extremely discovers why his found is so dysfunctional. She clients Hanna's favor after helping Benny through a horrible ceremony, a job which Veronica reluctantly found up for by at Katheryn's full Katheryn amazing Hanna that Veronica "owes [her] big confirmation" for some unmentioned act. Great 4—present A very would, who asian with big boobs to Candace's well, members after Quincy had been scheduled, to check out a few pick from his story, Candace's neighbor. Out of all the finest he has had finest with one of which was his own matchmaking, Celine Gonzales, who has him backJim wales himself most intrigued by Candace, national with domestic abandonment in his scheduled affairs with her. By mid-season 3, No slowly discovers why his sum cast of have and have nots play so dysfunctional. Charles Frederickson Nick Sager: She is also made as innocent, one, and naive. David Harrington Peter Parros: Jennifer Salliston tea tree oil for thinning edges to David Peter Parros the ordinary that Amanda's death was a vis. David Harrington Peter Parros: Jennifer Salliston run to David Peter Parros the direction that Amanda's death was a custom.

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  1. Following that, he gets strung out on heroin ; while intoxicated, he is involved in a fatal hit and run which kills a six-year-old girl named Lizzie and critically injures Hanna's son Benny, leaving him on life support.

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  3. Candace eventually gets Benny to help her hide evidence of Quincy's murder in the Season 4 episode "Immunity.

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  5. Katheryn often displays her anger, hatred, bitterness, and stress in a suppressed but still very detectable fashion. There are a few reasons this might happen:

  6. Season 2—present Landon is a guy who works at the campaign office and has feelings for Jeffery, who also has feelings for him, but still feels something for Wyatt. Seasons 1—2; Guest in season 3 Tony is Benny's estranged father whom he doesn't find out is his father until it is accidentally revealed by his mom.

  7. Veronica has gotten to the point where she blames Jeffery for his father's presumed dalliance with Maggie Day, his and Jim's campaign manager. I can believe it.

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